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Sunday, 16 February 2020

New Website

Stage one is go with a new look website

From the new site you can order print versions of both Killer Bytes and Get Woke, subscribe to my mailing list, and take a look at all the crazy comic projects I've made over the last 10 years.

I'll be adding extra pages in the coming weeks promoting the comic book services I offer.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Looking forward to 2020

I certainly am!

In January of this year I spent 5 days in Nashville, Tennessee, being yelled at by the world's leading motivational speakers, social media influencers, life-coaches and inspirational icons. It was a astonishing few days that have had a lasting and positive effect on me.

The event was called Funnel Hacking Live, a fully American conference in which I spent the time hanging out with 5000 highly motivated entrepreneurs. I leaned a lot in over those few days and came home with a vision of how I can apply my new knowledge to the industry we love so well - comics.

So in 2020 I'll be upping my game. This will begin with a brand new website and a refresh for this blog. I'm going to be attending comic conventions, as a seller and not just a buyer, and will be promoting my own brand much more vigorously. I'll be applying new tricks and techniques to my marketing my products, developing comic creation courses, branching out in to video content, pushing forward with services to the comic community, and generally kicking ass on all levels possible.

Shit's about to get real.

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Looking back on 2019

This will be the last post of the year so we might as well finish with an overview of 2019. I've not been super busy on this blog, making only 14 posts, but it has been a super busy year all round, not just in the comics department but in real life too!

Most significantly, a ran a Kickstarter for the first issue of Get Woke, which achieved target and is now about to go to print. Really pleased with this although slightly disappointed it only squeezed past the finish line by a meagre £8. Still, we made it! This means I'll now have a physical copies of both Get Woke AND Killer Bytes, my first anthology. Which means I have product that I can take to conventions and sell.

The time spend working on Get Woke and the subsequent campaign pretty much consumed all spare time set aside for writing new comics. I've been fairly busy in the lettering department, adding words to 3 comics for the Tales from the Udderverse anthology and a paid lettering job for a comic about a psychotic elephant titled 'Cello'.

I do love lettering comics but I much prefer writing them. The idea pile has continued to grow throughout 2019 but turning those ideas in to scripts has almost ground to a halt. For the first time in its 11 years of publication, I didn't manage to write a story for my own anthology Hallowscream. Fairly annoyed at myself for that.

Make more time for writing is definitely the lesson to be learned from the last 12 months. I believe I will actually need to set aside a block of time in my daily schedule, to make sure I do nothing but write in that time.

Anyway, have a great New Year and watch this space in 2020.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Now with the option to buy

I've added a shop to the blog using something called Ecwid. Kinda useful and easy if you have less than 10 products and don't need digital. Too expensive if you do.

They'll be 2 products to buy: the print versions of Get Woke #1 and Killer Bytes #1. You can visit the shop here.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Conspiracy shorts

To promote the Kickstarter a bit I made a couple of small strips for the Reddit r/comics crowd. Conspiracy related of course.

68 Upvotes on Reddit for that one.

Slightly more respectable 107 Upvotes for this one.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Get Woke #1 Now on Kickstarter

Clicking the launch button was intense but it's done. Ladies and gents, the Get Woke Kickstarter is now LIVE.

Imagine a world in which ALL conspiracy theories are true. A world of secret societies, shadow governments, aliens, monsters, and the supernatural. No need to imagine too hard, that's the world YOU live in today. It's all real and it always has been.

And if such evil exists in the world, which it does, humanity is going to need a very special team of heroes to protect it from the horrors that lurk behind the curtain of our false reality.

Don't believe in conspiracies? You need to...GET WOKE


After nearly 2 years of production the first issue is completely done and I'm now looking to raise the funds to get the comic printed. I've gone with a fairly low target as I don't want to not make the goal, hopefully this doesn't put people off.

Please check it out and if you can pledge a bit of cash.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Hallowscream 11

It has returned from the eldritch depths once more... The eerie eleventh edition of the annual Hallowscream! Hallowe'en Special has materialised as a totally free pdf file! 52 terrifying pages filled to the brim with shocks and scares for your delectation!

Here Are The Download Links (right click and 'save as') :

Lo-res (rubbish) Version (file size = 23.8mb) :       MEDIAFIRE     DROPBOX

Hi-res (get this one) Version (file size = 84.7mb) :       MEDIAFIRE     DROPBOX

You can also read the issue online at :      ISSUU

These are the full contents behind the beastly barbecue cover by Ken Best...

Page 3 : Down To The Woods  Story by Paul Bradford, Art by Luciano Fleitas, Letters by HdE
Page 5 : A Cold Bloody Night  Story by Ed Whiting, Art by Jo Galicia, Letters by Ken Reynolds
Page 11 : Flick & Jube in House of No Lips  Story & Art by Simon Mackie
Page 13 : The Lament of Chet Wilder  Story by Rob & Stephanie Stanley, Art by Rick Alves, Letters by Toben Racicot
Page 20 : Loch Mess  Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 21 : Terrorvision Guide  by Malcolm Kirk
Page 22 : The Paranormal Misadventures of Mr. Cringemeister : The Dawn of The Living Coffee Drinkers  Story & Art by Rick Perez
Page 27 : Bank Horror Day  Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 31 : Terror of The Sheep 2 : Chapters Three & Four  Story & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 39 : Ultima Fool  Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 40 : The Red Lagoon  Story & Art by Gordon Innes
Page 43 : Heartburn  Story by Rough Stuff McGraw, Art by Carol Kewley
Page 45 : The Tale of Baron Urbenstein  Story by Troy Vevasis, Art by Saul Haber
Page 47 : Bestiary of Beasties : Downside-Up  by Malcolm Kirk
Page 48 : Brexhausted Story & Art  by Gordon Innes
Page 49 :  Funny "Ha-Ha"  Cartoons by Carol Kewley & Malcolm Kirk
Page 50 : Deadvertisements  by Malcolm Kirk
Page 51 : A Grim Tale : Omnibus of Horror  Story & Art by Malcolm Kirk
Page 52 : Back Cover Skull  by Malcolm Kirk

Previous issues of Hallowscream are available to download from or you can buy real-life monochrome paperback versions from HAVE A HORRIFICALLY HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Ready for launch

After a long hard slog we're finally ready to go live with the Kickstarter for Get Woke. You can take a quick shifty at the pre-launch page here. It's not much to look at at the moment but the actual Kickstarter campaign page has all the details you need about the project included a very interesting video.

It's pretty nerve-wracking displaying yourself online for the world to see. Will I make the target? What if no one backs it? These are just a few of the questions you'll ask yourself pre-launch and probably even more so post-launch, until the pledges come in.

These concerns have led to me choosing a low target to achieve funding. It's low because all the hard work is done and I'm just looking at covering printing costs. I just hope it's not too low that backers won't pledge once it makes the target.

I'm also concerned about the potential IP fringement. Hopefully this is just paranoia. It is a comic about conspiracies after all.

Here's a nice GIF that show some of the inner pages from the comic. Cool huh.