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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pipedream Comics Article

Here's a quick link to a small piece what I did wrote for digital comics site Pipedream Comics for a section they call 'Why I love digital Comics'.

You can read the full story over on the Pipedream Comics website.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Wanbies to Infinty and Beyond

Infinity is a bi-monthly FREE online magazine that focuses on digital comics. Brought to you by Panel Nine Publishing, the creators of the most excellent Sequential app, this publication is pretty much the go-to magazine for those interested in the digital comic industry.
INFINITY started out as a small press comics fanzine in the 80s, and now publisher Russell Willis has swapped his photocopier for an iPad and relaunched INFINITY for the digital age. The magazine is stuffed with the latest news and opinion on digital comics and graphic novels, regular interviews with pioneering artists and writers, excerpts from new digital graphic novels, and exclusive artwork you won't find anywhere else. 
This month's issue contains a 4 page story titled The Wanbies, written by yours truly and drawn by Neil McClements.  Russell put a shout out on the Sequential blog asking for short comic strips to include in a new Infinity feature. I sent the strip over for consideration and it was snapped up. Nice one.

Neil and I fine tuned the strip especially for this release. It's The Wanbies 2.0, with added grunge and improved lettering. It looks awesome. This is the first comic strip I have sold. Not for a massive amount of course, but it's aces to make a bit a cash from doing something I love.

You can download the Infinity app for yourself here.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel #3

This month also sees the launch of a brand new issue of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel. Compared by the Willy Wonka of the small press world, the magnificent Owen Watts, the Journal collects together several short stories from a whole host a indie comic creators.

You can purchase a copy of this fine publication via their Comicsy shop or find out more details on the project on the blog.

Featuring: Andrew Scaife, Blas Bigatti, Bob Molesworth, Carl Pearce, Chris Mole, Chris Redfern, David Broughton, J.S. Adams, Jim Lavery, Jim Woodall, JT Pegg, Gavin Johnston, Geoffery Crescent, George Coleman, Gibson Quarter, Greg Meldrum, Mark Herstal, Mark Keenan, Matt Herbert, Mike Scrase, Nathan Webb, Nich Angell, Shaun Avery, Roland Bird & Tim West.

Look at the name on the end of that list. It's me! Result! I have 4 page time travelling tale, illustrated by the talented Andrew Scaife, titled Timeholes and Teaspoons.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Massacre For Boys - Picture Library #1

Imagine the perfect small press anthology. One so finely crafted, it could be considered a dangerous weapon. Well, imagine no longer, for this month sees the launch of the all new Massacre For Boys - Picture Library #1

Picture Library #1 will go up for sale on the MFB website and Comicsy on, or very close to, March 17th. The digital version will be available exclusively from Comicsy. You can also pick this little beauty up at the London Super Comic Con taking place on 15th and 16th of this month.

One of the reasons this anthology is so damn awesome is because I has a story in it. Oh yeah! It's a 6 page ripping war/cricket yarn titled The Boys from Bashley, illustrated by the talented David Herstal. It's a corker as well.

For mores information they has a Facebook Page and they has a Website and they has a Blog too. Yippee!