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Sunday, 21 March 2021

It's 2021

With the pandemic still lingering like a bad smell in a lift I've been trying to keep my foot in the comics game while dealing with someone turning real-world work up to 11. 

 Writing has taken an immense hit in productivity but I still get involved with comic production via lettering for other comic creators and living vicariously through their success. It's not the same but it's the best I can manage for now. 

 Once such project is Mythica by Actionline Studios. I was contact by Matt Campbell, CEO of Actionline, to pick up the torch of lettering part 7 of his epic tale, currently smashing it on Kickstarter.

It's a pleasure to work for a creator who has their marketing game on fleek. Matt knows how to make the best of Kickstarter and is very proactive it promoting his product. I'm hoping I'll be lettering much more for Actionline in the future.