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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Get Woke Cover Concept

In Get Woke news, the comic is now fully inked and lettered, and is currently with the colourist, who is making progress on beautifying the pages. The art team on this have been exceptional and I wouldn't have even got this project off the ground without their input. Huge thanks to them.

Initially, I had hoped to be launching this year but time has moved too fast for that. We were going to self-publish through Kickstarter but the comic is sooooooooooo good that we're going to submit it to several publishers and hopefully pick up a deal. This seems to be the best route to try and get the most eyes on the comic and we can always fallback on the Kickstarter route if there's no interest. (I'll blog about all this as it happens).

In the mean time, take a look at a very rough concept cover for the first issue. We wanted something 'conspiracy', and this fits the bill perfectly.

Can't wait to show the world this comic. It's going to be huge.