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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Latest Update #7

Only 2 posts on the blog this month so I'm squeezing in an update before the month's end to let you know I'm still busy. So, what's occurring...

  • Get Woke continues to move forward. I now have all the pages pencilled and lettered so it's great to see the story in a fully readable state. Chatting with the artist, Kevin and I have agreed that rather than jumping straight to self-publishing we're going to try and get it picked up by a publisher! Should be an exciting adventure in itself.
  • 3 months to the day, Hallowscream 10 will be launched so I'm bust reading submissions and trying to find artists for accepted scripts.
  • On that note, my 3 page story Mr Giggles is now complete and will be included in Hallowscream.
  • A second story, a 4 pager titled Snitcher's Ditch, is in process. It's being drawn by Irish artist James Guinnevan Seymour who, if his DeviantArt page is anything to go by, will be a most excellent addition to this year's Hallowscream.
  • Mommy's Little Angel and Mika and the Godheart are being illustrated by their respective artists and should hopefully be ready for next year's run of Something Wicked and FutureQuake.
  • Writing-wise, I've recently started scripting Issue 3 of Get Woke. I've also has a new idea for a brand new series, which I've started to flesh out the plot and characters for. Very exciting.
  • I've also signed up to letter a second story for Mother Udder comics. I'll post more on that nearer the release date.

Busy, busy, busy...

Friday, 13 July 2018

Sole Mates

Not strictly comics but animation, which is close enough to me. This is an old project I created for Uni several years ago. The story of what happens to lost socks.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Mr Giggles WIP

With Halloween 3 months away I thought I'd better get a few stories created for Hallowscream as time has a deceptive habit of moving quickly when you're not watching your deadlines. So, I wrote a new script for a 3 page strip titled Mr Giggles. Then, I went fishing for an artist.

As a new approach I posted the full script on Reddit along with this message:

[UNPAID] Artist for 3 page horror script
As per title, I'm looking for an artist to draw a 3 page horror story (B&W or colour).

Sadly, I can't pay but I run a small annual horror anthology Hallowscream, which the story will definitely be included in, due for release this coming October.

As a fun experiment, I'm going to include the whole script below so you can try before you buy. If you likey, please send me a PM with a link to some previous work. The script is one of those that would benefit from having the 'right' type of artist.
Me: I've had over 30 short stories published in various indie anthologies and am currently working with a fantastic artist, found on these boards, to create a series we're planning to launch later this year.
Thanks for looking.

After dangling the hook for a day I was direct  by two artists who were interested in illustrating the script. Not an amazing response but successful nonetheless. While I was pondering which artist to choose (an artist's style needs to match the story) I received a direct email from a third artist who had found my email via the Hallowscream website and took it upon themself to sketch the first page of the story.
I've been doing this for ten years so was surprised at the artist's pro-active approach which I've never experienced before.  The artist got my seal of approval and was awarded the "job". It just goes to show that getting yourself out there and showing an eager attitude can help you win pieces for your portfolio. Mr Giggles will appear in Hallowscream 10, due for release October 31st 2018.