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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Image Comics Rejection

I feel a bit dirty with this news. Not because of the result but because I failed to inform you, dear reader, that I had submitted Get Woke to Image Comics. I meant to post something about that experience and how it felt, but now you're only just learning that the submission has been rejected. At least I don't have the shame of looking back on such a positive pre-submission post and all the naive words of optimism is would have written about how the comic would definitely have been picked up.

The rejection letter:

Hello Tim, 

Thanks for submitting to Image Comics.

Unfortunately, while we're thrilled that you chose to share your proposal with us, we don't believe your work is an ideal fit for our catalog at this time.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, I can't offer more detailed commentary, but I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to consider your work.

We wish you the best of luck with this and future projects.


Eric Stephenson

Even though it's probably just a standard auto-response, it still feels good to get a reply from someone like Eric Stephenson, and at least they did reply. Imagine the torture of NO response and they resulting nightmare of wondering if they even received the submission package!

So, we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down, and submit to some more publishers.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Process Porn

Nothing gets a comic creator more excited than feasting their eyes on some page process porn. I've included a fine example below from my new comic Get Woke. You can really see the page move through its development stages, from the final script (which would have several interations itself), through to the completed and lettered page.