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Monday, 31 October 2016

Hallowscream 8

Hallowscream comes but once a year, when you read it, you'll shake in fear.

This years Hallowscream is now live and available to download.  The 8th issue of this fangtastic horror comic anthology is one of the finest yet, with my trusty co-editor Mal Kirk pulling out all the stops to make it extra horrid including this lovely cover below.

Visit to download the latest issue and grab the previous 7 if you fancy a late night full to the brim with terror.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Good Boy Rover

To atone for lack of comicsness in my life I decided to attempt this year's Inktober, a collective internet movement in which willing participates aim to complete one piece of art, for everyday in October, and post it online.

I managed to get four inky drawings online before real life cock-blocked me with a project I had to devote all my time to, thus putting an end to my inking fun. I had just managed to pencil this bugger below before it happened so I thought I'd finish it off and post it here.