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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Somehow, it's 2015!?

Holy fucking shit! October was my last post! I blame the arrival of my daughter, Amelia. She's basically a time-vacuum.

To match my FAILURE to update this blog I'm posting a script which FAILED to make it in to sci-fi anthology 100% Biodegradable. This awesome anthology is now on its 7th issue and has secured itself a good reputation. Well done to all involved.

My script 'A WILD RIDE' was shot down by editor Dave Hailwood as not being original enough. Apart from his name going in my little black book of jihads, I hold no grudge. I've ruthlessly denied many a submission to Hallowscream and I'm nowhere near good enough a writer that I won't occasionally fail to make the grade.

I'm posting the script below for everyone to read. Overall, it's a damn fine tale, and if you've never read comics you'll probably enjoy it. It's a well written script (hence the reason I'm sharing). Sadly, for the '2000AD Future Shock' loving, anthology reading community, it's about as textbook and cliche a sci-fi twist as you can get, and that's why I'm not in the least bit bitter about it's knock back.

A WILD RIDE by Tim West

PAGE 1 ( 6 Panels )
Panel 1 (full width)

Wide establishing shot of a flying family car, speeding across a barren, desert like wasteland. We can see a range of rocky hills in the background, and some in the foreground. The car looks futuristic, with rockets sticking out the back and a large antenna on top.

Panel 2
Close up of the rockets on the back of the car blowing black smoke.


Panel 3
The flying car veers downwards, smoke billowing from the rear.

Panel 4
The car comes to a hovering halt along a dusty road at the bottom of a stony ravine. The rocky walls slope away towards the sky.

Panel 5
Shot of the interior of the vehicle. We see a futuristic looking human family sitting in the car seats. Mom and Dad in the front, 3 kids in the back. Resting on the middle kid’s lap, is a paper bag with 'FEED' written on it.

Kid 1: Are we there yet?
Dad: Looks like we're stuck here until the repair droid arrives.
Kid 2: But, Dad, I'm hungry.
Dad: There are peanuts in the bag.
Kid 3: Ugh, I'm not eating those...

Panel 6
Shot from an outsider’s perspective, high on top of one side of the steep ravine. Peeping over a rock, they can see the stationary car in the distance below. It is possible to include a shadow cast over the rock by the hairy beast that is watching the car, or even include a back of head shot. Your choice artist 

Kid 2: ...they're for the creatures outside.

PAGE 2 ( 6 Panels )
Panel 1

Shot of one of the children, face pressed against the glass window of the car, looking up towards the top of the ravine. Their little hands are also pressed against the window and we can now see they possess only three chubby fingers on each hand. The passengers are not human after all.

Kid: I think there’s something out there.

Panel 2
Interior of the car. All four passengers are looking at the car's ceiling with a scared look on their faces. Mom grips Dad's arm in fright.

Mother: What was that?

Panel 3
Shot out of the front windscreen where an extremely dirty and surprisingly hairy, naked caveman has appeared. As he is on top of the car he is upside down in the windscreen, grinning at the family inside.

Caveman: Ooooraawwll!?

Panel 4
Shot of all the passengers inside the car. All are screaming in a state of terror at the sight of this hideous cave dweller. A by-product of their fear is their natural defence system kicking in. This takes the form of a ring of spiky skin that appears from behind their heads ( IMAGE REF ), and an extra pair of eyeballs on stalks popping out the top of their heads.

All: Aaaaaiiiee!

Panel 5
Similar shot as per panel 3. This time the caveman is also screaming in terror

Caveman: Aaaaaiiiee!

Panel 6
Close up of the caveman’s hand snapping the antenna off the car.


PAGE 3 ( 5 Panels )
Panel 1

Large shot the Caveman who we now get to see in full. He has leapt from the roof of the car on to the bonnet smashing the aerial down on the bonnet in a fit of primeval rage.

        Caveman: Bleeaargh!

Panel 2
Shot of the rockets at the back of the car firing in to life.


Panel 3
The car speeds forwards, hovering just off the ground, and sends the caveman flying to the floor.

Kids: Drive, Dad, drive!

Panel 4
Shot from the front of the vehicle’s bonnet, looking in to the car. Dad is speeding away focusing on where he is going. Mum and the kids are all looking back.

Mother: Goodness gracious! What an utterly horrid species...

Panel 5
Shot from behind the car as it zooms through a huge security gate, in a vast metal fence. A large sign above the gate reads 'CENOZOIC PARK' while a smaller sign nearby states 'YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE HUMAN ENCLOSURE'

Mother:'s no wonder they almost died out.
I'm currently waiting on 2 other submissions so keep your fingers crossed.