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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Latest Update #7

Only 2 posts on the blog this month so I'm squeezing in an update before the month's end to let you know I'm still busy. So, what's occurring...

  • Get Woke continues to move forward. I now have all the pages pencilled and lettered so it's great to see the story in a fully readable state. Chatting with the artist, Kevin and I have agreed that rather than jumping straight to self-publishing we're going to try and get it picked up by a publisher! Should be an exciting adventure in itself.
  • 3 months to the day, Hallowscream 10 will be launched so I'm bust reading submissions and trying to find artists for accepted scripts.
  • On that note, my 3 page story Mr Giggles is now complete and will be included in Hallowscream.
  • A second story, a 4 pager titled Snitcher's Ditch, is in process. It's being drawn by Irish artist James Guinnevan Seymour who, if his DeviantArt page is anything to go by, will be a most excellent addition to this year's Hallowscream.
  • Mommy's Little Angel and Mika and the Godheart are being illustrated by their respective artists and should hopefully be ready for next year's run of Something Wicked and FutureQuake.
  • Writing-wise, I've recently started scripting Issue 3 of Get Woke. I've also has a new idea for a brand new series, which I've started to flesh out the plot and characters for. Very exciting.
  • I've also signed up to letter a second story for Mother Udder comics. I'll post more on that nearer the release date.

Busy, busy, busy...

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