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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway

I'm currently involved in an exciting new promotion organised by writer/editor Dave Hailwood of 100% Bio-Degradable fame. Along with 10 other comic authors, we have combined forces to form the The Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway an online two week event where we're all giving away our work for FREE.

This promo uses the InstaFreebie platform, which allows creators to upload their digital wares and give them to interested readers in return for their email address. The idea is you can use the emails as part of a mailing list to promote new products in the future. Sounded like a worthwhile venture.

Now, InstaFreebie is primarily used for fiction books so doing comics on there is fairly novel (no pun). Books being quite 'wordy', uploading massive tomes of text is an easy thing to do, but getting comics uploaded, which are quite 'picturey', is much trickier as InstaFreebie has a tight 10MB limit on the size of the files allowed for upload.

I had intended to place my first anthology Killer Bytes in the Giveaway but as the file size of this is much to large I have removed all the non-horror stories to create a kind of Killer Bytes LITE. I also have a few stories kicking around (all shown on this site previously) which I've packaged together in a new mini anthology called Terror Bytes.

Both of these are now available through The Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway. Hope fully I can get a few downloads and potential customers through this.

You can view this cool comic promotion here. Be sure to go download some FREE comics.

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