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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

AAIIEEE!!! Night Flight of Terror

Dang! I gone done it again and forgot to update this riveting blog! Apologies, ME fans (My Mum). You might think lack of posts means it's been all quiet on the Tim West front, but no, as always I'm balls deep in comic stuff.

I'm using these pages to update my 'Adventures in Comics' which means anything I do that's comic related will be mentioned here. With this in mind, I must mention the small press publishing powerhouse Dave Candlish's Paragon Comics, or more precisely, AAIIEEE!!! a yearly horror anthology from the Paragon stable. This 2nd issue of this spooky comic was released in August of this year and features a story by me!

WATER OF LIFE, a 4 page horror adventure about the quest for immortality, was illustrated by the awesome Pictsy (her first comic story, and bloody hell does it look amazing), and lettered by the legendary Jim Campbell.

Extremely pleased with how this story turned out. It looks aces plus.

I also had a story in the first issue of AAIIEEE!!! so technically this makes me a regular (I'll take any credit I can get these days).

You can buy this comic, in digital or print format, via Lulu.

Visit the Paragon Comic site for more of this type of thing.

Stay tuned for more comic stuff...

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