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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West

Creating comics is a looooooooooong process. Writing a script is actually the easiest part! The real magic happens after the script has been submitted to a publisher.

I've currently got 4 scripts approved and in various stages of production. It can take anything up to three years for an accepted script to make it to print in an indie comic so it's always worth celebrating when a script matures in to a full blown comic strip.

My latest script to achieve this wondrous metamorphosis is a 4 page story called Vampires & Indians which appears in the all new The Psychedelic Journal of the West West, an annual brit comic anthology masterminded by Owen Watts & Geoffrey Crescent.

Vampires & Indians was drawn by the jaw-droppingly talented Dunk! Nimmo and lettered by the ubiquitous Bolt-01. It is a thing of total beauty and I'm super-happy-joyed at how it's turned out.

The Psychedelic Journal of the West West is currently only available to buy at comic conventions but will no doubt be purchasable via Comicsy in the near future. Be sure to buy it.

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