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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Drac's Back...

The follow up to the extremely popular Cunt Dracula post is now up on Reddit. I'll be monitoring this all day although I'm not expecting to hit the whopping 14.9 thousand upvotes of the first strip. This second strip is a little esoteric, a little longer and a little rushed in the art department.

EDIT: 24 hours on from posting on Reddit and Cunt Dracula 2 has a woeful 26 upvotes. I can't say I'm surprised. Lessons learned are:

  • If you're going to follow up on a hit, don't wait 3 months to post the second part.
  • The nature of viewing web comics on mobile means user prefer 4 panel shorts as they fit perfectly on a smartphone screen.
  • Don't flog a dead horse.

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