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Monday, 4 June 2018

The Psychedelic Journal of General Wizardry

The mystical Psychedelic Journal slithers out of the ether for 2018, this time shining its warped light on the world of Wizardry. This fabulous anthology contains 50 pages of magic and mayhem including a 4 page story, titled The Wizards of Westside, drawn by Jonathan Scott, lettered by Chris Mole, and written by one Tim West.

Here's the lovely cover below, illustrated by SKD and coloured by Owen Watts.

The Psychedelic Journal of General Wizardry was launched at the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo last weekend! You'll currently only find it on the comics circuit so make sure you get out there and visit some conventions.

Here's a little teaser panel from the strip just to whet your appetite. Westside!

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