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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Mika and the Godheart Preview

Received these stunning pages in my inbox today and they're just to gorgeous not to share. I'd previously posted some concept sketches for this story as a taste of what was to come. Artist Rafael Romeo Magat has now delivered the finished artwork and I am blown away. Here's a couple of pages to feast your eyes on.

When writing for anthologies I always try and keep the page count as low as possible. This is because, as a editor myself, I understand how tricky it is to find artists to draw long scripts when most are looking for a 4 pager. (More pages = lots more time to draw)

An interesting development during the illustrating stages is that Rafael has taken two of the pages and expanded them in to double page spreads, turning the seven page script in to a 9 pager. This is great as it means he's enjoying drawing it, and when an artist is enjoying themselves, that's when they produce they're best work.

Raf is using this story in his art portfolio which he has shown to Marvel. So, yay, someone at Marvel has seen my work too!

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