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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Inktober 2018

With October underway it's time for Inktober, the month long, daily challenge, to create one piece of inked artwork based on a different theme every day. I'm going to create a little gallery below of all my attempts. Hopefully this year I'll actually manage to last the course.

EDIT: Ultimately, real life hit me with a project I couldn't ignore and I had to gracefully bow out of Inktober. I made it 10 days! which is a personal best for me. You can see all my entries below.
Day 10: Flowing

Day 9: Precious

Day 8: Star

Day 7: Exhausted

Day 6: Drooling

Day 5: Chicken

Day 4: Spell

Day 3: Roasted

Day 2: Tranquil

Day 1: Poisonous

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