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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I'd love to post more but as I'm now trying to draw some comic strips it turns out doing so is a reallllly lengthy process! It goes:

Write > Edit > Rewrite > Edit > Rewrite > Initial character sketches > Rough page layout > Full page layout > Pencil sketches > Refine pencil sketches > Scan > Ink (digital) > Flat colours > Full colour > Letter & Logo > Finish

At last! A solid excuse for why it's taking so long to get content up. :)

So, in the mean time, here's some filler in the form of Fuzzy.

Fuzzy is a comic character I created back when I was between 7-10 years old (that's a guess really as I've no idea but it sounds about right). I used to draw short stories about Fuzzy and his adventures. I suppose you could say this was my first comic strip.

This framed picture hangs on the wall, above the TV, in my Mum's house. Yep, she pretty much idolises anything I do and is a massive hoarder. (That's hoarDER! Don't go disrespecting my Mother, yo.) 

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