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Thursday, 9 March 2017


After posting my previous story Peril in the Park on Reddit's r/comics I got a decent number of hits from visitors viewing that story. It was also a bit of a thrill as Reddit users can up/down vote your post, which works as a type of rating. The story only got an upvote of 4 (and you need to be in the high hundreds to make the top of the r/comics section on Reddit) so overall it was mostly a failure but I enjoyed the process and seeing my work go out to a larger audience.

THE KILL YOUs & KILL MEs is an attempt to garner more votes so I've drawn it in webcomic format to hopefully make it more digestible on mobiles. I'm fishing for votes. Here fishy fishy.

The art process was quicker than the last story, partly because this one is less detailed but also because I have learned a few tricks to speed myself up. Still takes ages but I'll try and maintain this production tempo.

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